Virus Filtration Unit – Hepa 1000V

Making Your Indoor Space Safer

To be used in conjunction with standard Covid 19 protocols.

Unit Features

  • Filters out airborne viruses to hospital theatre standards using a multi-stage filtration
  • Helps eliminate dust, smoke, mould, bacteria and pollen therefore assists in preventing asthma and allergy flare-ups.
  • Dimensions = 68cm x 73cm x 230cm high
  • Ideal for offices, government buildings, hospitals, gyms, churches, shops, auditoriums, training rooms and all indoor spaces.
  • Negligible impact on existing AC systems
  • Ideals for areas from 40m2 to 200m2
  • 220v and mobile for all indoor spaces with flexibility

Unit Components



Fan type: EC plug fan
Power: 1.07kW
Mains supply: 230v 50Hz
Current: 5 amps
Fan speed: 2400 rpm (max)
Airflow: 1000 L/S (max)


Primary filtration

Filter type – G4 pleated filter
Airflow – 950 L/S
Average dust resistance – 93%


Secondary filtration

Filter type – Hepa
Airflow – 950 L/S
Efficiency – 99.995%
Standards – EN 1822
classification, manufactured in compliance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards



Type – Germicidal UV lamp
Power – 15watts

magnahelic gauge


Pressure Indicator – Magnehelic pressure gauge to indicate when filters require maintenance
Speed Controller – 0 -10v Potentiometer

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