Who We Are

We are a passionate group of individuals whom have a dream of being world leaders in the manufacture of air-conditioning and ventilation components. Please see our vision statement which we are following in order to achieve this goal.

Our clients largely consist of Air-conditioning companies, factories and mines. We enjoy a wide customer base and our current clients needs range from small spend jobs to large projects, depending on the scope of work. No job is considered too big or small for our team, and each client is afforded the blue chips service they deserve. Our facilities are well equipped to cope with all spheres of demand and our 1600m2 factory is currently awaiting your business with a very dedicated staff compliment of fifty.

Our Mission

We aim to be the bench mark manufacturer in the HVAC industry through building lasting relationships, never ending perseverance, well organised processes and careful planning, in order to deliver on time with exceptional quality whilst maintaining honesty and integrity.

Manufacturing Air-conditioning and Ventilation components since 2005.

Client Testimonials

Our End Users

Leading Air Ducting Service Provider

Air conditioning and Ventilation systems have become an important part of everyone’s life. Due to global warming Durban and Kwazulu Natal is experiencing warmer and warmer summers, which is why AC is required in almost every office and building in Durban. Our clients require professional and reliable service in the supply of Ductwork and Ventilation systems in the great Durban area. If you are looking for a reliable & professional supplier, then visit our website. We are known to be the best Wholesaler of Ducting, Fans & Ventilation equipment in Durban. We not only specialize in manufacture but also take care of Turn-key Installations. We also specialize in Fume Extraction, Dust Extraction and manufacture a wide variety of Ventilation Components. For professional Ductwork & Ventilations Installations in Durban & Kwazulu Natal please feel free to contact us at the top of this page.